Transportation for BPO/MNC

Many MNCs or IT Firms in India provide pick-up and drop facilities to their employees Safeness Reporting or Log In/Log out time of the employee Swing shift

Effective Management Team

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Professional Drivers

Our drivers are with minimum of 1 years of experience in the same field. Coachmen attend to duty in full uniform. Drivers will be provided with laminated photo of ID card.

Powerful Data Management Team

Data management is the ongoing and execution of architectures, policies, practices and action in order to manage the instruction lifecycle needs of a business in an effective manner.

24/7 Customer support Team

Urgency calls are answered on a land line directly by one of our representative of highly skilled and trained Incident Advisors, who are mostly chemists and qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers. They suggest callers on the best actions to take to decrease the risk to people, the environment and property.

24/7 Control Room Facility

An authority room, operations center, or action control center (ACC) is a room serving as a basic space where a large physical facility or tangibly dispersed service can be monitored and controlled.

Own storage (1000 sqft)

Car repair is a fruitful and popular business with new technologies. Like electric vehicles and higher ability standards, the role of mechanic will continue to evolve and depend upon continue education in the same field. Opening your own garage to reconstruction cars can be challenging, but the settlement could be large.

Safety First

Assurance is not simply found in a set of guidelines and measure. It is at foremost of mind at all times. It comes from modify proper thought processes and an acts, preparing for situations, and knowing how to respond in ways that preserve the well being of our employees, those with whom we work, and those we deliver.

Executive Transport

Transportation assures that transport into or out of an organization is handled rapidly, safely, and within budget driving. This can include oversight of shipment equipment and personnel operated by an organization. Our professionals may coordinate with outside companies that provide freight services.