Shripad Multiproduct LLP (Shripad Group) the parent company envisaged a business entity which would be both in Trading & Service Industry. The genesis of the group was in 2013 with Shripad Enterprises, primarily atrading& Employee Transportation Company, which was rechristened later to Shripad Multiproduct LLP in 2016. Shripad Group today has business interests in Manufacturing, Trading, Printing, EPC, Renewable Energy (Solar), Finance and Services.

Now, Shripad Group elevated Shripad Multiproduct LLP to stock and trade ferrous and nonferrous metal to different ventures around Pune.

Shripad Group, with its rich involvement in exchanging, benefit, production network administration, wide contacts and system wandered into business verticals, for instance.

Ferrous and Nonferrous SS Steel Crude Material Supply

Shripad Group is focused on the best advantages of its partners, clients, workers and the network.

Our mission is to reach at the top of excellence by apprising our technology and expertise in our concerned arena by rendering maximum satisfaction to our clients.

To achieve this we will use all our energies, develop and implement leading edge technologies and draw on both to deliver effective world-class services, solutions, products to our customers.